Rachel Tublitz, CEO.

As a highly innovative and successful CEO, Rachel oversees everything Tublitzed related. This includes everything from strategic sleep management all the way down to late night bicycle navigation and chocolate bar intake. She can frequently be found animatedly discussing the future and possibilities for Tublitzed with the rest of our team.

An ambitious entrepreneur, our CEO plans one day to create an empire. But until that time comes, she successfully(most of the time) manages Tublitzed, learning all kinds of valuable lessons along the way.

Compulsively reading hacker news, and devouring as many business books with flashy covers as she can, our CEO enjoys learning the ins and outs of the web. While occasionally admitting that she has no idea what she's doing, Rachel generally projects an image of wisdom and authority that is consistently inspiring to the rest of us minions.

Rachel Tublitz, CTO.

As Chief Technology Officer, Rachel not only assists with content production and programming, but is also in charge of making sure everything involving a power source works properly. Some of her crowning achievements include dual booting the office computers so none of our employees ever need to use Vista again, as well as creating the perfect playlist for the company iPhone.

Our CTO is the go to gal around the office for anything computer related. There used to be a time when she was staunchly PC-only...however that time has passed. In fact, once she made the switch to OSX, she never looked back.

The fact that she's constantly messing up her computers by experimenting with new programs is quite useful for the rest of us, as she's now become quite good at fixing our machines when they break down.

Rachel Tublitz, CFO.

While highly skilled in prolific spending, our CFO chooses instead to hone her saving and managing skills, making her an essential asset to Tublitzed. Slightly Jewish in nature, Rachel concedes that it may not be an accident. After all, her mom did convert just in time for Rachel's grand entrance into the world.

An expert in money management, our CFO feels that it would be an exceptional investment on your part to send us your money. We prefer unmarked non-sequential hundreds. No dye packs will be accepted.

Rachel Tublitz, Developer.

Although originally educated as an industrial designer, Rachel has since found that she much prefers web design and programming. Watching her eyes light up as she works can be inspirational to the rest of the team, as she's clearly found a job she absolutely loves. And she's damn good at it too: don't let her modesty fool you.

While clearly unable to stop compulsively hyperlinking to everything in the universe, our web developer has happily found a profession that she loves. Primarily self taught, Rachel has a million thank yous for many websites out there that she's found helpful along the coding road. A few of her favorites include StackExchange, Smashing Magazine, and A List Apart.

Rachel Tublitz, Chief Creative Officer.

Incredibly proud of her job title, Rachel loves to flaunt this one. This has always been her ultimate goal in life, to be called something like 'chief creative officer' each and every day. (Well, to friends it's chief). Chief loves coming up with fun ideas all day.

Chief gets a lil feisty when she runs low on ideas. Therefore she's always looking for ways of making sure this never happens. Ever:). Lately these kinds of things include: devouring the Communication Arts Advertising Annual, getting lost in the forest, learning about ocelots, and coffee. Coffee really is always a source of ideas. Strange:).

Rachel Tublitz, VP of Marketing.

Professionally trained on the West Coast, Rachel heads up the marketing team and consistently impresses the rest of us with her relentless enthusiasm and shameless promotional tactics. Without her, you may never have made it to this page at all.

Currently calling in the design team to create custom Tublitzed Interactive clothing and gear, our VP of Marketing takes her task very seriously. Prepare for large billboards coming to your freeway soon.

Rachel Tublitz, Designer.

A talented designer, Rachel finds sources of inspiration everywhere. A graduate of New York's famous Pratt Institute, Rachel's been primarily using her right brain for years now. When she was younger, it was building crazy 3D objects...these days it's digital design that she's most interested in.

Having been lucky enough to live in a number of places across the US, our designer has come to realize that inspiration can be found anywhere, at anytime. She does her best to take a camera with her wherever she goes, to capture the beauty not found in museums and such. Check out our photography section to see what else Rachel finds interesting.

Rachel Tublitz, Intern.

An absolute wizard with the coffee maker, Rachel also has an uncanny memory for just how many sugars everyone prefers, and whether or not they take milk or cream. We may even consider paying her at some point in the future.

While we do enjoy exploiting her cheap(and by cheap, we mean free) labor, we must say that our intern does a fantastic job with the coffee. Really. Fantastic. And the vacuuming has been great too. Keep up the good work Rachel!