Wordsmith Gallery


Rachel Tublitz planned, designed, and implemented this feature within Wordsmith. An internal content team at Automated Insights wrote the templates to be showcased within the Gallery.


The Wordsmith Gallery is designed to house a collection of starter projects for Wordsmith customers. The projects can be copied from the Gallery to an account by a user, and then used as a tool to learn more about how to write automated content. The Gallery is also available for the general public as a window into the power of NLG, and the Wordsmith platform. The Gallery was written in Ruby and React. Master versions of each project are stored in S3 so that Gallery projects can be easily updated in one location and then synced to different environments.


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The Gallery was designed with 2 end goals in mind: first, as a marketing tool for Automated Insights to use to help showcase the power of the Wordsmith platform. Second, as a tool to help onboard existing users. The Gallery projects also act as definitive how-to resources for users to import into their accounts and play with.