Me, 2015.


I'm Rachel Tublitz, an engineering leader currently living in Durham, North Carolina. I'm a big fan of bacon, scarves, and combinations of the two. I studied Industrial Design at Pratt (B.I.D, '08), and fell in love with the web when it came time to build myself an online portfolio. I've been designing and building stuff on the web ever since.

Gears, thoughts, and such.


Tublitzed is my online portfolio and playground. Working on this site is a great excuse to hone my skills and play around with different technologies and toolsets. Also, it gives me an excuse to drink more coffee. The name Tublitzed came to be when I went to go register, and found that a certain relative had gotten there first. I was sad over this for a few hours until I realized...Tublitz is way better as a verb.


I'm currently located in Durham, North Carolina where the weather is amazingly warm, and many people say "y'all". Before moving to NC's triangle area in 2010, I lived in San Francisco for 4 years, and before that, Brooklyn. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon where I learned the value of Gore-Tex and tie dye from a young age. I love exploring new places; some lifetime favorites include Panama, Vancouver, the Outer Banks, and Seattle.


Tublitzed has been around since 2006. I've been working professionally on the web since 2008, having started exploring programming and digital media while I was in college. I've been designing and making stuff since I was a little kid; I love creating things and watching them come to life.