Rachel Tublitz and Corinne Henk. Rachel did the design, front-end, and Alexa related development work, while Corinne handled the back-end logic for setting up the various types of matches and player attributes.


A ping ping score tracking app built as a sample Alexa integration with the Wordsmith API. The app was built with Rails, React, and Redux. Once a match has started, you can tell Alexa the status of the game to track your scores, which will then be calculated over time to show personalized stats about your games.


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Built for an internal hackathon at Automated Insights focused around Alexa. Since ping pong is a popular pastime at Automated Insights, the goal was to start by creating an easy way for employees to see who was using the table. The app then expanded to include support for different types of matches and stats, as it's creators were having a lot of fun building it.