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Mar 2021-Present

Sr. Engineering Manager, Mozilla. Remote (Durham, NC)

Leading multiple teams and managers to support several core areas within Firefox; Add-ons, the Installer, and the Updater. I'm responsible for career development within my teams, as well as many aspects of the product development process; from creating roadmaps to coordinating across multiple teams and functions within the company.

Sept 2019-Mar 2021

Engineering Manager, Mozilla. Remote (Durham, NC)

Managed several teams of engineers dedicated to supporting core Firefox services; Installer, Updater, Sync, and Push. Focused on engineering processes, and working with teams to execute on core company objectives.

Mar 2019-Aug 2019

Sr. Software Engineer, Wrangle. Durham, NC

Designed and built data manipulation software. Wrangle was a very early stage startup (3 employees, closed doors in Aug 2019), where I wore a lot of hats in addition to writing code. I was responsible for design, front-end development, and product strategy.

Apr 2018-Mar 2019

Director of Product and Engineering, Automated Insights. Durham, NC

Managed the flagship product for Automated Insights; Wordsmith. I led engineering, design, and product direction for Wordsmith. I was responsible for the teams working within all codebases supporting the platform, driving product and feature level decisions, and coordinating with the rest of the organization.

Apr 2017-Apr 2018

Software Engineering Manager, Automated Insights. Durham, NC

Led a team of developers and designers supporting Wordsmith, Ai’s self-service NLG platform. I led projects, mentored engineers, and designed features within a Rails/Flask/Node/ React stack. I was also responsible for hiring for the team.

Feb 2016-Apr 2017

Sr. Front-end Engineer, Automated Insights. Durham, NC

Designed and developed features for Wordsmith, the company’s flagship product. Worked closely with other engineers and product managers to prototype, release, and iterate on features within a Rails/Node/Angular stack.

Jan 2015-Feb 2016

Sr. UI/UX Engineer, Bronto Software. Durham, NC

Led projects of varying sizes, from design to production on the front-end engineering team at Bronto. Worked closely with other engineers and product teams at Bronto to build and launch new features, and maintain existing web application.

Sept 2002-May 2008

Pratt Institute, Bachelor's Degree, Industrial Design. Brooklyn, NY

Academic Merit Scholarship recipient for duration of studies. Additional achievements included participation in design and construction for IEEE sponsored museum exhibition in 2007-08.

Jun 2006-Aug 2006

University of Oregon, Summer Programming Classes. Eugene, OR

Summer programming classes: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python.

Jul 2001-Aug 2001

Pratt Institute, High School Summer Design Program. Brooklyn, NY

Summer design studio classes: Graphic design intensive.


JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, HTML, CSS, React, Redux, Express, Backbone.js, Angular 1, Express, Grunt, Gulp, Sass, Less, SVG, Laravel, Symphony PHP, Git. Basic MYSQL and PostgreSQL. AWS - EC2, S3. Adobe CC, Sketch, InVision. Mac/PC.


Creative, passionate, and dedicated leader. Excellent communication skills, semi-fluent french speaker, professional coffee consumer. Skilled graphic designer.