Bronto Profiler


Rachel Tublitz in collaboration with the Bronto front-end engineering and product teams. This project was the product of a hack week prototype created by Rachel, and was able to be implemented without too many changes to existing backend architecture. Rachel led the design and development of this project, which is now a part of the core Bronto Platform.


Profiler is an interactive reporting tool within Bronto. By creating a customized table using contact fields within an account, Profiler allows Bronto's customers to easily compare how contacts perform in comparison with one another. For example, you can set up a Profile to track a specific messaging campaign, and then easily visualize how many women vs. men converted, or clicked a link within your message. The results can then be used to create custom lists and segments, or exported as a report. Profiler was built with Marionette.js.


Within the Bronto Marketing Platform.




Bronto has long been known for it's powerful segmentation engine. Customers use it not only to create custom segments, but also as a reporting tool. The backend allows for and supports a lot of complexity that the segmentation front-end does not include. Profiler was created as an alternate front-end for segments, and has been widely used as a reporting tool within the Bronto platform ever since.