Bronto Segment Builder


Rachel Tublitz in collaboration with the Bronto front-end engineering and product teams. Rachel led the design and front-end development efforts, and worked with backend engineers to ensure that the payloads were structured in a way that the backend services could consume.


The segment builder is a feature within Bronto enabling marketers to segment on subscribers based on a wide variety of criteria. The Backbone.js based segment builder allows marketers to create complex sets of criteria quickly using a drag and drop interface. A segment might include for example, "all women over the age of 20 that purchased shoes within the last 2 weeks", or "anyone living in the UK who clicked on a link in an email message within the last 7 days". Learn more about the segment builder's architecture on the bronto engineering blog.


Within the Bronto Marketing Platform.




The existing Bronto segment builder was redesigned in 2012 (both the front-end and the backend) to allow for increased flexibility when building out rules and criteria. The goal of this project was to make it easier for customers to create complex segments quickly; and to easily visualize those segments during the process.